The Mental Health Center at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Office Towers is a group of mental health professionals comprised of physicians and psychotherapists who use the latest evidence-based treatments to address a variety of mental health issues. A client’s treatment plan can include medications, psychotherapy, or both. We are skilled in the screening, assessment, and treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, addiction, and other mental health conditions.

We understand the pain and loss of hope that can accompany difficult times, not only for the person affected, but also for their friends and family who feel as if they’re helplessly watching from the sidelines. We can intervene to help you or your loved one regain peace, stability, and control in the most comfortable and compassionate way possible.

Accessibility. Your doctor or therapist will return your call or email within one business day, often times within hours. A call to our office will be answered promptly by one of our friendly staff members.

Communication. We consistently communicate our evaluation and treatment plan with anyone you deem relevant to your care, which can include your therapist, healthcare providers, or family member.

Respect. You will be treated with the utmost respect during your interactions with our doctors and staff.

Excellence in treatment. Medical treatment is held to the highest standards of quality. Your doctor or therapist will use treatments supported by the most reliable and recent research. Our goal is to connote excellence in every interaction.

Relationships. We have trained at, teach at, and still practice at some of the best academic institutions in the world, namely, Cedars-Sinai, UCLA, USC, and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Individualized treatment. Every client is seen as an individual person with their own specific needs. Your treatment plan will be specifically tailored for your maximum benefit and satisfaction.

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We aim to deliver excellent care for clients and close collaboration with other treatment professionals.


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Treatment for mental health issues can consist of therapy, medications, or both

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We help people regain peace, stability, and control in their lives in the most comfortable and compassionate way possible.