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Evaluation & Treatment Planning

Recovery is most effective when following a comprehensive plan for treatment created for each client. The initial evaluation process begins with an hour face-to-face appointment with a mental health professional, either a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist. During this time, the professional will evaluate the role and impact of mental health issues in the client’s life, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, psychosis, impulsivity, mood swings, and co-occurring eating disorders. Effective treatment for mental health conditions requires a unique approach for each client, even between individuals with similar diagnosis.

Therefore, depending on the recommended treatment plan, medications may be prescribed and other components of a recovery strategy can be discussed. Follow-up appointments to fine tune the mix of tools and resources involved in treatment can vary from half-hour medication-management visits to hour-long psychotherapy visits, though longer visits are usually recommended for family meetings or complex issues.


Many of our clients come to us with concerned family or friends who have been drastically affected by their loved one’s problems. On occasion, a family might contact us before their loved one is willing or able to obtain professional mental health services. In these instances, we can help educate families and loved ones about the treatment process, the client’s diagnosis and any co-occurring issues, and the recommended steps for obtaining mental health care.