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We make every effort to be available for your health needs. To help us serve you better, we do have a few office policies, and when you visit we ask that you sign a form stating you understand them. The following are frequently asked questions regarding our policies:

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Is what I say confidential?

We know your mental health treatment is the most personal and private thing to you. Likewise, we realize that one of the most important tools for our helping you is maintaining your privacy. We are ethically and legally bound to keep everything you say confidential, unless we have your explicit permission. The only exception to this rule is if you are a danger to someone. 

Can I email my doctor or therapist?

Email and the internet have made life easier for us all. One way in which it can help you is by serving as an additional way for you to direct a specific question to your provider. Our providers welcome email contact for routine, non-urgent matters, but not for emergencies and scheduling appointments. If you have an urgent matter, please call our office; in case of an emergency, call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room. Administrative requests, like scheduling appointments, can be addressed by calling the office. Please remember, most email that anyone sends, unless special security measures are taken (like 64-bit encryption), may not be fully secure or confidential.

Do you take insurance?

In order to provide you with the highest quality of care, without restrictions imposed by insurance companies, our doctors and therapists are not members of any insurance panels. This means the provider is able to spend more time and attention devoted to your care, because their first priority is your care, not the interests of an insurance company. However, if you have insurance coverage for out-of-network providers (PPO insurance), you should be able to be reimbursed by your insurer. For more information, please contact your insurer for specific details about your coverage and how to obtain reimbursement for your visits here. A statement summarizing your visits with our office can be obtained by asking your provider or calling the office. 

What time do I need to arrive for my first appointment?

Please arrive at the office at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to check-in and complete some light paperwork. Your check-in papers will be in our waiting room. Once you have completed it, please push the “Assistant” call light and we will collect it from you. 

What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. In order to avoid a charge for a late cancellation, please give our office notice of at least one business day (by Friday for Monday appointments).