The Best Ketamine Music to Play During Infusions

Anyone with treatment-resistant depression may find relief through ketamine infusions. If you and your health provider have made the decision to try ketamine therapy, you’ll find that music is a great way to pass your infusion sessions in no time. But what is the best Ketamine music to play during infusions?

Let’s find out.

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a drug developed in the 1960s and was once used on the battlefield as anesthesia for injured soldiers. As its popularity in the medical field grew, so did its recreational popularity. Misuse of ketamine was a widespread problem, causing many people to overdose and develop addictions.

President Nixon banned ketamine in the 1970s; until recently, it hasn’t been a significant player in treating depression. Researchers are finding a ketamine regimen can significantly improve mental health disorders in a short period. Also, the positive outcomes of ketamine infusions can last a long time–positively impacting those with severe depression, while reducing suicidality that often accompanies treatment-resistant depression.

What Are Ketamine Infusions?

Anytime you receive an infusion, you are being administered medicine through intravenous methods, which sends the drug directly into your bloodstream, helping you feel the effects immediately. You get the total amount of the dose administered. When you take medicine orally, digestive acids break it down, and you receive only a portion of the dose once it finally hits your bloodstream.

Ketamine infusions are administered in a clinical setting, usually in your psychiatrist’s office. You can expect the process to take about an hour. When you arrive, you will be placed in a room where you can sit or lie down, whichever makes you feel more comfortable. A nurse will connect an I.V., and the doctor will start the medicine drip.

How Does Ketamine Make Me Feel?

Many people think of hallucinations and “trips” when they think of ketamine. Both exist when misusing ketamine, such as taking too much of the drug. With ketamine infusions, you are given the lowest dose allowable. You are never given a prescription or allowed to take ketamine home with you, so misuse and addiction are not an issue.

During a ketamine infusion, you may feel like you are having an out-of-body experience or detachment from reality. This is a positive experience. You feel like you are floating, and your mood-regulating neurotransmitters are boosted, making you feel happy and relaxed. You have an overwhelming sense of calm.

Enhancing Ketamine Infusions

Multiple techniques enhance ketamine infusions. One way is with ketamine-infused psychotherapy, in which a therapist introduces encouragement and positive statements while your mind is open and susceptible to change.

Another way to enhance ketamine infusions is through music. The use of music in therapy has been around for many years. Music influences emotions and can make you feel happy, sad, angry, etc.

Music therapy is a holistic therapy with efficacy in treating substance use disorders and mental health disorders, including treatment-resistant depression.

What Is Music Therapy?

Studies on music therapy show it reduces anxiety and depression, improves healing, aids self-expression, encourages communication, and changes perceptions. It boosts dopamine release in the brain, the feel-good chemical associated with pleasure and reward. Some researchers consider music a medicine, according to the American Psychological Association.

Types of Music Therapies

Music therapy has many different forms and techniques. It can include listening to music, playing an instrument, singing, dancing, and writing musical lyrics. One example is cognitive-behavioral music therapy (CBMT), which helps you recognize and stop unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and replace them with healthy ones. Other types of music therapies include:

  • Analytical music therapy involves improvisation to help you express yourself, whether singing or playing an instrument
  • Benenzon music therapy helps you match external sounds with internal psychological state
  • Creative music therapy involves playing an instrument alongside your therapist to help you express yourself
  • Guided imagery and music are when a therapist uses a script that stimulates your imagination, sensations, feelings, etc.
  • Vocal psychotherapy uses breathing techniques and vocal manipulation to connect with your emotions

Best Ketamine Music for Infusions

Music that makes you feel calm and relaxed is recommended for ketamine infusions. Music is a very personal choice and will affect each person differently. Work with your therapist or psychiatrist to determine which music will positively affect your ketamine infusion.

Some people prefer classical music, nature sounds, instrumental tunes, rhythmic beats, and other music that brings positive memories, thoughts, and sensations.

Creating your own playlist for ketamine infusion therapy may be better than relying on music provided by your therapist or available at the time of your session. Discovering the best Ketamine music for infusions can be an ongoing project as you move through the ketamine infusion process.

How to Pick the Best Ketamine Music

Mindset is a priority with ketamine infusions. It is essential to pick the best ketamine music that supports a healthy mindset. When searching for appropriate music, answer questions like the ones below to help you make the best choice.

  • Does the music help my mind stay clear and open?
  • Does the music make me feel calm and peaceful?
  • Does the music enhance the sensations I feel?
  • Does the music slow my heart rate and breathing?
  • Does the music remind me of happy times?

If you answer “no” to these questions, skip that music selection and keep searching for a better option. During your ketamine infusion therapy sessions, your psychologist or therapist can document your reactions to the music. They can also ask questions regarding your feelings about the music. This information can be used to improve your playlist for the following ketamine infusion therapy.

Try Ketamine Infusions in Los Angeles, CA

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Request a consultation to see if you are a good fit for this treatment. You deserve to live free of depression. With options like ketamine to overcome treatment-resistant depression, you can get back to having hope and excitement for the future.