What is Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

What is ketamine infusion therapy

It may be surprising to see “ketamine” and “therapy” in the same sentence. But there is enough research on its benefits for treatment-resistant depression. So, what is Ketamine infusion therapy? And how can it help? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Ketamine in a couple of forms: a nasal spray and an I.V. infusion. This version of Ketamine is not the same as the street drug “Special K.” The ingredients are the same, but the way the medicine is delivered is very different.  Ketamine As a Street Drug Ketamine has been around since the 1960s and was beneficial as an anesthetic to soldiers in the field and in hospital operating rooms. It was so effective because it reduces pain and increases feelings of happiness. Like other prescription drugs, they began to be misused by people recreationally. In medical settings, limited doses are administered. When misused recreationally, people would experience hallucinations, …

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What is Mental Health Awareness Month?

What is Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s officially May which means it’s time to show lots of love and supportive efforts for Mental Health Awareness Month. But, what is Mental Health Awareness Month and how does one support it? And what if you don’t actually have a mental illness but still want to partake in spreading awareness? Let’s find out. What is Mental Health Awareness Month? If you have a green ribbon, wear it during May to support Mental Health Awareness Month. The 2022 May theme is “Together for Mental Health.” The ups and downs of life in the last few years have proven that we can do much more together than alone. Even when we were forced to stay home, people found creative ways to be together. There is power in numbers. It’s time to use our power to advocate for mental health support for everyone who needs it, continue eliminating the stigma around mental illness, and …

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The Effectiveness of Ketamine Nasal Spray for Depression

The effectiveness of Ketamine nasal spray for depression

Depression affects millions of people. Numerous people in America are feeling sad but can’t figure out why. They feel tearful or on the verge of crying for no apparent reason. Some are irritable and get defensive quickly. Some start misusing alcohol and drugs to cope and others want to commit suicide. There are so many levels and types of depression, making it one of the most common mental health disorders. But, for those looking for an effective treatment, hope may be found in the form of ketamine nasal spray for depression. Typical Treatments for Depression All depressive disorders are treatable. Psychiatrists can prescribe antidepressant medications to rebalance brain chemicals, including those that boost Serotonin. Medications are usually only prescribed when combined with behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, or peer support groups. Additional treatments include alternative therapies such as meditation, prayer, yoga, acupuncture, fitness, nutrition, art, and music therapy. …

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Can Alcohol Cause Depression and Loneliness?

Can alcohol cause depression and loneliness

Can alcohol cause depression and loneliness? While the short answer is yes, the ways alcohol affects an individual’s mental health varies and can be complicated. Alcohol Affects Mental Health Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. When you consume alcohol, it enters your bloodstream through the digestive system and quickly travels to the brain. As alcohol enters the brain, it changes how your brain functions. Alcohol crosses the blood-brain barrier very easily and immediately sedates primary functions such as talking, walking, and decision-making. It slows down everything from your thoughts to your movements and reactions. The more alcohol you consume, the stronger the sedative effects. How Can Alcohol Cause Depression and Loneliness? Loneliness is an emotion defined by a craving for social connectedness, for human contact and interactions. Loneliness can often be relieved once you make a human connection. It can be a symptom of a more significant mental health problem, like …

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Spring Cleaning and Mental Health: Decluttering Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Spring cleaning and mental health

Why does it feel so good to do a spring cleaning each year? Why throw out items you spent time collecting? Why do you spend hours or days cleaning every part of your home, knowing it will eventually get dirty again? And most of all, how do spring cleaning and mental health impact your life? Spring Cleaning and Mental Health Some reports say the answers lie within your mind and that your living environment directly reflects your mental health. Based on this theory, if you have a lot of unanswered emails or voice mails, you have disconnected from others socially. If you struggle to stay focused, you are more likely to lose essential items, like your car keys. The COVID pandemic is an example of how what happens in your personal life is directly related to your mind, body, and soul. Remember the people hoarding toilet paper? Their minds were filled more …

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