10 Benefits of Telehealth Counseling

To say this year has brought about challenges is an understatement. The entire world has been asked to change how we operate at work, in public places, and even at home.

Even mental health centers have had to adapt. Fortunately, they have done so very well by providing telehealth counseling. Virtual counseling makes it possible for people to receive the help that they weren’t able to in-person.

You may be wondering, what is telehealth counseling?

What is Telehealth Counseling?

The main difference between telehealth and traditional counseling is location. Rather than meeting in-person, you meet with your telehealth counselor online, using video and audio technology. That may sound challenging, but it is really simple. If you have a smartphone or computer, you can participate in telehealth counseling.

Everything else, like time limits and the content of your sessions, will be the same.

1. You Can Meet Anywhere

With telehealth counseling, you can meet with your therapist from the comfort of our sofa while wearing your favorite pajamas. The more comfortable you are, the more you can gain from therapeutic sessions.

2. The Initial Meeting is Less Stressful

Many people attend the first session, the intake session, and never return for additional treatments. We know why. It’s because they can be long and uncomfortable, starting with the need to find transportation to and from the meeting. You are then supposed to meet with a stranger and feel comfortable enough to talk about all your problems.

It just doesn’t work for everyone.

Telehealth counseling can break the assessment process into manageable sessions, giving you time to build trust with your counselor. And it eliminates the need to find transportation or having to depend on someone else.

3. Confidentiality

Attending in-person counseling sessions is confidential, at least when you are speaking privately with your therapist. While there is nothing to be ashamed of when attending counseling, walking in the door, and sitting in the waiting room can make you uncomfortable, especially if you see someone you know. Because telehealth counseling is done from your safe space, you don’t have to worry about being seen by anyone else. It indeed provides the privacy you desire.

4. Saves You Time

Traveling to and from an in-person counseling session takes time, sometimes more than an hour. With telehealth counseling, you save time because you can log in from anywhere quickly and easily. When your session is over, it is over right away. There is no need to hang around the office to schedule follow-up meetings or get caught in the trap of saying goodbye, then talking more, then saying goodbye again.

5. Meet At Your Convenience

Many therapists who work for a company are limited to when they can meet with clients. They are given work hours in which they schedule sessions. With telehealth counseling, you and your virtual therapist can schedule convenient meetings for both of you. This may mean after regular business hours or early morning sessions. There are no more 9 to 5 limitations.

6. Better Access for Those with Needs

As mentioned before, many people can’t attend counseling because there are restrictions like transportation issues, available times, and disabilities.
Telehealth counseling opens the treatment door for every person. For example, those with wheelchairs don’t have to worry about navigating the office layout. It improves access for Seniors. College students no longer have to be put on a waitlist because the on-campus centers are full. People living in remote areas no longer have to worry about getting to an in-person session.

7. Consistent Meetings

Too often, people miss their in-person counseling sessions for legitimate reasons. Some have transportation problems, some feel under the weather, and some can’t afford to give up the extra time it takes to get to their session.

Online counseling helps you be consistent in your meetings because you can attend anywhere, even when you are not feeling well. Even if the session is shorter than usual, you can attend consistently. Checking in with a counselor is much better than missing a session altogether.

8. Germ-Free Sessions

Let’s face it; we are all thinking about the spread of the coronavirus lately. We are protecting ourselves everywhere we go with masks, gloves, and sanitizer.
Telehealth counseling ensures you do not receive or pass on unwanted germs because you do not have to leave your hope to receive treatment, making it perfect for receiving treatment during COVID19.

9. More Therapeutic Options

Attending in-person counseling typically means you must choose from a local therapist within your network. With telehealth, you can work with a licensed psychiatrist or counselor across the state. This gives you the ability to work with the best therapists, not just the closest therapists. Plus, not everyone wants to go to counseling in their community, where everyone knows everyone. Now, you don’t have to.

10. Improves Your Overall Health

Your mental health can affect your physical health and vice versa. Mental health centers offering telehealth counseling focus on both psychological and physical improvements. They provide a team of professionals to treat all your needs, not just your counseling needs.

Working with a team of professionals means better communication between your doctors and counselors, more individualized treatment plans, and greater monitoring of your progress.

You deserve the best services when learning to cope with your mental or physical needs, especially during pandemics and changes happening around the world.

Telehealth counseling services can meet your needs. Reach out to the mental health center to start treatment today.

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