Preparing for Your First Telehealth Session

Preparing for your first telehealth session

Telehealth or a telehealth session may also be known as online therapy, virtual therapy, or teletherapy when treating mental health disorders and substance use disorders. While telehealth has been around for several decades, it has recently taken significant leaps in all areas of health care. Telehealth is defined as the use of any technological device to engage in therapeutic services. For example, video conferencing with your doctor to discuss medication-assisted treatment, telephone therapy sessions, couples therapy chats, individual therapies, and messages or assignments sent through emails and texts. The best telehealth programs utilize multiple online systems. How to Prepare for a First Telehealth Session If you are preparing for your first telehealth session, you can take some essential steps to ensure it is successful. Because video chats are often chosen as the initial forms of contact, the following preparation steps will focus on that type of online communication. 1. Prepare …

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