ADHD Awareness Month 2023


By Ashley Barnes M.S. Why ADHD Awareness Month? October is Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Awareness Month! In 2004, ADHD Awareness Month started as ADHD Awareness Day but has since expanded to the entire month of October with the purpose of spreading awareness and providing education on this form of neurodivergence. What is Neurodivergence? In understanding neurodivergence, it is important to understand the concept of neurodiversity. Neurodiversity is the concept that there are a variety of ways that people’s brains function, present behaviorally, and process information. Like fingerprints, no two brains are the same. Neurodivergence describes how brain differences impact brain functioning and people whose brains function differently than what is deemed standard or typical. These brain differences present neurodivergent individuals with unique strengths and challenges. Possible challenges include learning disabilities, medical disorders, and differences in social functioning. Potential strengths include enhanced pattern recognition and memory. Forms of neurodivergence include …

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