National BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month

A family participating in therapy for bipolar disorder

By Ashley Barnes What is National BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month? National BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed during the entire month of July since 2008 with an effort to bring attention to the multitude of mental health challenges that affect BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) groups. The effort was developed by Mental Health America to bring light to the communities’ concerns and traumas which tie into their mental health experience, noting the historical marginalization, prejudice, and stigmatization that still impact the BIPOC community today.  BIPOC Mental Health. According to Mental Health America, 6.8 million Black/African Americans, 8.9 million Latinx/Hispanic Americans, 2.2 million Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, and 830,000 Native Americans are reported to be living with mental illness; further, people who identity as being two or more races are most likely to report any mental illness within the past year than any other race/ethnic group (2021). Studies …

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