Maternal Mental Health Month 2024

maternal mental health

By Ashley Barnes, M.S. Maternal Mental Health Month 2024 May is Maternal Mental Health Month, a national observance started by Mental Health America to bring attention to the mental health challenges that many mothers face. Mental Health America emphasizes that “new and expecting mothers face not only changes to their lifestyles, but also changes to their bodies and hormones. Each woman’s experience will be different. For some, accommodating the changes of pregnancy and having a baby may come easily – they will adopt new routines and their bodies will return to pre-pregnancy shape and chemistry with little difficulty. For others, there may be physical and mental health struggles that arise.” Maternal Mental Health Maternal mental health disorders typically occur in what is called the perinatal period, which includes the prenatal period, or time that a woman is pregnant. Additionally, mental health disorders often occur in the postpartum period, which is …

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